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Hi everybody!

I would like to know if my translation is correct 'cause I have been looking for a definition of malink for ages but I couldn't find one.

While she had never been a skinny malinks, she knew she'd put on quite a few pounds since then

Here is my version:
Aunque ella nunca había sido un maniquí flacucho, sabía que había cogido algunos quilos desde entonces

thanks in advance!!
  • fenixpollo

    American English
    Skinny Malinky es un personaje en el libro The War Between The Pitiful Teachers and the Splendid Kids. Es un niño muy flaco.

    En el contexto que nos das, creo que "skinny malinks" significa "un niño muy flaco"; tal vez es una referencia al personaje del libro, con un error ortográfico o una ortografía alternativa.


    Spain Spanish
    Skinny malink means somebody who is only skin and bones. In Spanish you could say "un esqueleto" o "sólo piel y huesos".

    Translation is OK, but you needn't to use maniquí, as that's not the literal translation.

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