Maltese: Ilbieraħ inqalgħali kollox.

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by StinaMT, May 27, 2012.

  1. StinaMT Member

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    Xi ħadd tista’ taqdini, jekk jogħġbok?

    Ma nifhimx din is-sentenza: “Ilbieraħ inqalgħali kollox.”
    Xi ħaġa bħal “Yesterday / it moved to me / everything” ???

    Il-kuntest huwa:
    “Stennejna li narawk fil laqgħa tal-għaqda storika.”
    “U ħallini Josef. Ilbieraħ inqalgħali kollox. Mhux stajtx niġi.”

    Naħseb li is-sens ta din is-sentenza forsi hija “I was busy all day long”. Imma ma nafx għaliex. Ma nifhimx il-kostruzzjoni ta din is-sentenza.

    Grazzi għal kwalunkwe għajnuna.
  2. MassNssen Member

    Moroccan Arabic
    I think the sentence means "yesterday, everything was taken off me." Maybe it means someone stole everything he had.
  3. StinaMT Member

    German - Swiss
    Thanks a lot MassNssen

    It might be “everything was taken off me”.

    However neither before nor after this sentence anything stolen (or similar) was mentioned.
    Afterwards they spoke about the missed lecture only. The reason why he couldn’t go there wasn’t mentioned at all.

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