Mamá está arriba, abajo = up / down

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    My English is somewhat limited but I am still trying to teach my children a little bit of what I know.

    A few days ago one of them asked me a simple question 'Where is my mother?' but I was not sure how to answer correctly. It happens that we live in a two-story house; we were in the lower floor and her mother was in the upper floor.

    In Spanish, to answer that question (¿Donde está mi mamá?) we say 'Está arriba/abajo' but answering in English 'she is up' or 'she is down' sounds strange to me.

    My question is, What is the correct way to say that someone is in an other floor when a house or building has more than one floor? Could you tell me both expressions (for upper and lower levels), please?.

    Thank you very much in advanced.
  2. kayokid

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    Hello. I would say the simplest answer to the question is: She is upstairs/downstairs.
  3. Javito_g3

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    Hi TryingToLearnAndTeach

    I agree with kayokid

    She's on the second floor, could it be too.

    Regards. :D
  4. vcostandy Senior Member

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    Algunas pequeñas correciones :)
  5. gengo

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    I also agree with upstairs/downstairs, but will add that "She is up/down" is incorrect (cannot be used), and that upstairs/downstairs is usually only used in houses of about two stories, whereas "She is on the n-th floor" is usually used in buildings of multiple floors, such as office buildings.
  6. TryingToLearnAndTeach New Member

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
    Thank you ALL for your answers and corrections. It was really helpful.

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