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Dépêche Mod (AL mod)
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French (lower Normandy)
mamar vtr(beber del pecho)nurse vtr
be breastfed vi
(informal)suck vtr
El bebé mamaba la leche del pecho de su madre.
The baby nursed her mother's breast milk.

I can't find "nurse" as a vtr for a baby.
(and "be breastfed" is not a vi)
  • OK, I'm having a senior moment. What part of speech in the dropdown list would correspond to "be breastfed"?

    I'll promote that term to the top and remove "nurse", since as you say, it's what the mother does to the baby and not the other way round as in this sense.
    Vi does show that it is not followed by any object, which is indeed good to know as the original term is a vtr, but technically, it's a bit weird to call this passive form (technically must be a vtr) a vi. So I would go for "v expr" (and give a translation if the sentence needs to be rephrased).