1. ancel1632 New Member

    Northwest Ohio
    USA American English
    Can you help me out? The new guy that I'm dating speaks a lot of spanish. He refers to me as "Mama sita" What exactly does this mean?
  2. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    Hello and welcome!

    We have a huge and wonderful Spanish forum. I am moving your question there.

  3. gatocloneado Member

    Freakville, Florida
    Mexico, Spanish
    It means he likes you a lot, diminutive of ‘mamá’, that is ‘mamacita.’
    But literally, it means something akin to ‘baby, or depending on the instance ‘honey’.

    Hopes this helps.......
  4. ancel1632 New Member

    Northwest Ohio
    USA American English
    Thank you. That makes me feel really good.
  5. karolus

    karolus Member

    It depends on the region also, here in Peru it is considered a bit rough to call a Lady that way.

  6. agromusica

    agromusica Senior Member

    Cuenca Mediterránea
    Español (alfabeto internacional)
    It depends of the context if it is a rough or polite compliment.
    If you are dating him it is no doubt about it.

    I think that there is some physical attraction behind these expression
  7. CleverIdiot New Member

    Hello I'm new here.
    I would post this question seperately but I think it's related.
    My boyfriend calls me 'mamasita rica' - what does that mean?
  8. Fredinandus Visigodo Senior Member

    hottie girl
  9. CleverIdiot New Member

    Thanks! =]

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