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    I would like to be able to add a "see you later" in tagalog to several quotes that my family uses to say goodbyes.

    Later, gator
    After a while, crocodile
    Luego, Diego
    Manana, iguana

    is there any kind of animal, preferably a reptile that would rhyme with mamaya na? Or maybe mamaya na isn't the best way to say it - or is there a word meaning "see you" that would rhyme more easily with an animal name.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. SavvyFilipino

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    See you later would be "Hanggang sa muli". To associate it with an animal, I thought of "Bubuli" which, if I'm right, is a salamander.

    Hanggang sa muli, bubuli.

    Although this is the first time I've heard of this combination.
  3. mataripis

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    "Sa muli nating pagkikita" is another form for "see you later" . It is not normal to use this expression in animals so it is better to retain the form " Sa muling pagkikita"( o pagtatagpo o tagpuan).
  4. latchiloya Member

    "hanggang sa muli" is preferable and would sound nice to a reptile which is common like "butiki" which is a "lizard"

    the consonants that precedes the last vowel "i" does not matter at all, but that the glottal stop of the vowel makes it rhyme better.^^

    on the other hand, you may say "mamaya na", "balyena" though "whales" had never been a reptile.

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