1. RodLaver Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hello. Is there any difference or any different shade of meaning between verbs TO ACHIEVE and TO MANAGE? Thanks very much in advance

    Hola. Existe alguna diferencia de significado o matiz entre los verbos TO ACHIEVE y TO MANAGE? Muchas gracias por adelantado
  2. blinkgirl Senior Member

    Rosario - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    To achieve means "lograr", while to manage, means "administrar" Maybe they can be used indistinctly in a certain context, their meanings having a slight difference.
  3. chicanul Senior Member

    to achieve = lograr

    to manage = manejar, gestionar

    I don't even see these as synonyms...you must be thinking of "to manage to"..in that case, "to manage to" means to barely make it, ...obviously, you wouldn't use this to "achieve" an accomplishment or something like that...
  4. jackaustralia Senior Member

    Australia English
    They are quiet different. Maybe check the dictionary first. They can both be translated to 'lograr' but have different shades of meaning. I guess 'to manage' is more emphasising that despite some difficulties you were able to do something and 'to achieve' emphasises the fact you have done well in achieving/obtaining something such as a prize or winning a competition.
  5. RodLaver Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Thank you. Yes, I know that to manage also means administrar-manejar-gestionar, I was obviously talking about when both can be translated as lograr (to manage to). I understood the shades of meaning. Thanks again
  6. Xinito Senior Member

    San Diego, CA
    TO ACHIEVE quiere decir que hay una meta.

    TO MANAGE muchas veces implica que le cuesta para hacer algo más o menos normal, no necesariamente una meta. Es decir, hay un obstáculo.

    Por ejemplo: "I achieved the highest grade in school."

    "I managed to pass the class even though I missed a lot of lessons."

    Pero como muchas palabras semejantes, de vez en cuando las dos (o más) se pueden intercambiar...

    "I achieved moving out of my apartment by the deadline."
    "I managed to move out of my apartment by the deadlin." (Había obstáculos)

    Ojalá te sirva.

  7. RodLaver Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Te acabo de leer Xinito, todavía más claro. Gracias

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