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Hello all,

I was wondering what would be the best way to translate "management fee" as used in the following sentence:?

The Investment Manager will receive a monthly management fee calculated at the annual rate of 2% of each Limited Partner’s capital accounts.

I've seen others suggest "gastos administrativos", but was wondering if anyone else had any input, since it seems you can translate "management" and "fee" in a variety of manners.

Many thanks!
  • Clavelito

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    Honorarios por administración.
    Remuneración por administración.

    I think gastos administrativos wouldn't do, because it means management expenses, not management fee.

    Adolfo Afogutu

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    Te acompaño en "honorarios".
    "Remuneración" es un concepto más amplio, de hecho los honorarios son una clase de remuneración, pero también son remuneraciones los sueldos, las comisiones por venta, los jornales, etc.