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Kareem Hafez

New Member
Urdu - Pakistan
My manager phone me and asked me to be incharge for MIS Report for management; I want to ask him below: -

1- What exactly report must contain
2- For what purpose he/management required this report so I can make according to that

Waiting for response

Thanks Group for help
  • Keith Bradford

    Senior Member
    English (Midlands UK)
    What you have written will be OK except that you need to ask What exactly the report must contain.

    But before you next write in, look through the forum rules. You'll see that we need precise questions and we don't write your letters for you!

    Good luck with your report!

    Kareem Hafez

    New Member
    Urdu - Pakistan
    Thanks a lot for your assistance

    Is it OK to say to boss that, please do let me know which query you are referring here?
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    Modwoman in the attic
    English - United States
    Please tell us which word or phrase in your sentence you would like to discuss, Kareem Hafez. We can't correct or rewrite entire sentences here.
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