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Hi everybody,
I'd like to know the difference between a manager and a coach in a football team, please.
Also a girl can be manager of a football team?
Thank you
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    It depends on what you mean by "football." In American football a team is directed by a (head) coach, but in other sports (like baseball) the term manager may be used.

    Yes, a girl or woman can be a coach or a manager. The terms are not gendered, although the obsolete "manageress" may occasionally be heard.
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    For a large team or a professional team, there is normally one manager (and maybe some "assistant managers"), who is the "boss" of the entire staff and boss of the team. There may be several coaches. A head coach, an offense coach, a defense coach, etc. There are also other staff members, to handle equipment etc.

    For a small local team or a children's team, there is normally one adult in charge, who may be called "manager" or "coach".

    The verb "coaching" means training a player in the skills of the game. The verb "managing" means running an organization (being the "boss").


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    A manager would probably do things like arrange for water on the sidelines, buy the team shirts, rent the bus if they need one for transportation, that sort of thing.


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    Thank you so much. It's an American high school football team and a girl is its manager
    More context. The manager of a high school team is usually a student while the coach is an adult teacher. She would arrange for water and other equipment, but possibly not some of the things Sue mentioned involving money and the business things others have mentioned because she's not an adult. She would keep scores and statistics as well.
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