Managers are responsible TO/FOR DISTRIBUTE/DISTRIBUTING ...


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Good afternoon fellow Americans, Good night fellow Europeans!

I come here today with a long harbored doubt regarding "Responsible"

My question arises in this context, everytime, I much rather ALWAYS say "responsible for" + gerund. But this phrase bellow was written by a native AmE speaker in the USA:
Managers are responsible to distribute information to their respective team including Physicians and Advanced Practitioners

Shouldn't it be "responsible for distributing"?
What is the difference?

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    It sounds strange to me. I hesitate to say that it is downright wrong, but personally I would always say 'are responsible for distributing....' or 'are responsible for the distribution of....'


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    Well, he might be a foreigner living in the US. I meant that this line was written in an e-mail from the Corp. offices, from which we are but a branch, in México.
    It is common to see that expression among local non-natives, which I always correct. But reading it in an official Corp. e-mail baffled me to doubt, so I wanted to be sure.
    Thank you guys!.

    Do you have any idea about the reasons behind our choice being better than the one quoted in the OriginalPost?
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