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    أرض الأنجل
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    Any word ending in ون drops the final ن if it goes into إضافة - and that final و then declines depending on grammatical case
    ذهب مديرو الشركة
    قتل المجرم مديرا المخبز - I think this is right but people may (wrongly) perceive it to be in the dual :(
    فرصة لمديري الموارد البشرية
    هؤلاء مديرون أكفاء
    I wouldn't be surprised to see مدراء as an alternative plural but I wouldn't use it myself.
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    Call me stupid - but I am reading the مديرا to be dual!

    The criminal killed the two managers of the bakery.

    Wouldn't the plural accusative end in ي?

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    Whether we proud of it or feel cheap; we are all fallible Son of Adam...
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    مدراء is also common and many people prefer using it

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    مديرا would be the dual, not the plural إضافة of مدير. Here is my explanation:

    The cases of the plural of مدير are:
    Nominative: مديرون
    Accusative: مديرين (not مديران)
    Genitive: مديرين

    Therefore, the إضافة of the plurals would be as follows:
    Accusative: مديري (not مديرا)
    Genitive: مديري

    مديرا would be the إضافة of مديران (the nominative dual form of مدير).
    The dual forms of مدير are:
    Nominative: مديرَان
    Accusative: مديرَيْن
    Genitive: مديرَيْن

    In the إضافة form, these would become:
    Nominative: مديرَا
    Accusative: مديرَي
    Genitive: مديرَي

    Thus, as you can see, مديرَا is the dual nominative إضافة of مدير, not the accusative plural إضافة.

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