Managing Director, Global Head of Sales and Account Management

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  1. aeneas_ohara New Member

    Hi there,

    Any ideas on how to translate this title?

    Managing Director, Global Head of Sales and Account Management

  2. sophievm Senior Member

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    "managing director" may be "directeur exécutif" or even "directeur général" if he's really a head of the firm.
    "global head of sales and account management" may be "directeur commercial et de la relation clientèle"
    Please wait for other answers because I'm not very confident about (or with ?) my suggestions.
  3. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    The above is fine, except Global Head of Sales and Account Management : Directeur commercial et relation clientèle International
  4. claude123 Senior Member

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    Managing director is more likely Administrateur délégué (i.e. a member of the board of directors). A "director" is rarely a "directeur".

    Global head (?) en voilà une grosse tête.

    For the other part: chef du service des ventes et de la gestion-clientèle.

    Perhaps you want to clarify whether global refers to the Head (responsible for both sales and account management), or to the geographical area covered ?
  5. ZaZa Member

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    For having studied business relations between France and UK/USA, I'm quite sure that "Managing Director" is translated by "Directeur Général". The difficulty is that the hierarchy is organized differently, you can't just transpose the term from English to French.
    For example, there's no real equivalent in Englisch for "PDG" because companies are organized differently, so you'd have to say President/Chairman and Managing Director.
    In France you can cumulate both jobs but not in UK/USA. Therefore there's also no equivalent in France for CEO (although some people translate "PDG" with CEO).

    Otherwise I agree with Claude about "global" and I think his suggestion is good, although I'd say :

    Directeur Général, Chef des ventes et de la gestion clientèle
  6. valerie Senior Member

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    I think in France there is only ONE Directeur Général per company. Is it the same with managing director? (In my company, there are at least 6 or 7 managing directors, but it is not an 'English native company')

    As for Global head of sales, I think Sophie's version is much more common and recognised (responsable commercial / directeur commercial).

    'Chef des ventes' may be an intermediate executive, doing all the dirty work, so that his boss, the responsable commercial, gets the medals (and the bonus)

    Chef des ventes will also be used only for retail sales, not for sales to other companies
  7. valerie Senior Member

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    irony apart, I understand than global head of sales means this is the boss of all other 'head of sales', worldwide. There may be a head of sales for Europe, one for Asia, one for America, and their boss is the global head of sales.

    Finally, I suggest the following translation:

    Directeur commercial, membre du conseil d'administration
  8. claude123 Senior Member

    France, French
    All this is fine, but a Directeur is a Manager, then what you are doing is calling a managing director a "directeur dirigeant". That's what a Directeur does: he manages.
    Trust me, I did a lot of research on this to translate annual reports etc. : a managing director is a member of the board of directors (conseil d'administration) who is entrusted by the board with managing (hands-on) responsibilities. That makes him an administrateur délégué. This one is in charge of sales (different from "commercial" which is broader) and managing the customer base.
  9. valerie Senior Member

    France, French & Spanish
    I do not do annual reports translation, I'm just in business as usual, and we both agree on the meanings. What I say is that you will never call a 'global head....' un 'chef des ventes'. C'est une question de statut social

    By the way do you know if the companies have one or several managing directeurs?

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