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In a notification for research regarding a medical device, there are two designations that are similar:

Nome ed indirizzo del Fabbricante o del Mandatario: and

Nome ed indirizzo del procuratore speciale:

My question is the difference between Mandatario and procuratore speciale. From my understanding they can both mean proxy. Is there a clear difference between these terms? Thanks.
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    Could you give us a bit more context...? They both mean proxy, but the actions they can do are different. More context would help.


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    This term has been brought up twice, but there didn't seen to be conclusive. I found "special power of attorney" on Kudos just now, but my document is talking about a person, so it doesn't sound quite right..

    My Italian is "Il Sig. M. Balotelli interviene al presente atto quale procuratore speciale e quindi in nome e per conto della società........."

    So perhaps "Mr. M. Balotelli figures in this document in his capacity as special representative (or "agent"is that the same meaning?) and therefore in the name of and on behalf of the company."
    Any better ideas??


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    ... a long time since... a sort of once upon a time a question was given I am faceing this issue Procuratore Speciale means that the proxy has a limit Mr. M. is allowed to do one (or limited) legal action and in the proxy (by a Notary) the limits are detailed (may be also as regards time, when it's over he will have no more power)


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    I reopen this discussion, although a long time has passed, for any possible subsequent research.
    "Fabbricante" ("Manufacturer") is the company that physically produces the device
    In case the manufacturer is located outside the European Union, a "Mandatario" located in the EU is needed by law
    The legal denomination of the "Mandatario" is "EU Representative"
    The "Mandatario" is the natural or legal person established in the territory of the European Union who, after having been expressly designated by the Manufacturer, acts and can be contacted by the competent national authorities and by the community bodies in place of the Manufacturer himself.
    See here for details: European Authorized Representative - Wikipedia
    "Procuratore Speciale" ("Proxy") should be referred to the person who owns a Power of Attorney from the company who sells the device in Italy, but more context is needed about this last definition (anyway it is unlikely that we are talking about the Procuratore Speciale of the Mandatario).


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    OK, sorry, here I am. "Procura speciale" is not a mere proxy. Let me give you at first an Italian introduction. La procura speciale ha come oggetto il compimento di uno specifico affare o di uno specifico atto, non è un atto a forma libera ma deve avere la medesima forma dell’atto per il quale la procura è stata conferita. Rispetto ad altre forme di conferimento di poteri, la procura speciale vale solo per un singolo atto, una singola attività giuridica e il rappresentato conferisce il potere di compiere atti giuridici nel suo interesse al rappresentante e l'oggetto sarà il compimento di determinati atti specifici. Se i limiti imposti vengono superati, saremo davanti a quello che è denominato come falsus procurator o rappresentante senza poteri e gli atti che costui pone in essere saranno, a meno che non intervenga una ratifica, inefficaci. Dunque quando si è di fronte a una procura speciale si deve porre grande attenzione sui limiti entro cui essa puo’ essere esercitata. Let me give shortly the context of my issue. A foreign company has given to a consultant a “procura speciale” in order to incorporate a company in Italy. The legal address was fixed as all the others circumstances. Unfortunately there were problem with the owner of the flat where the office/legal address was fixed. So I have had to explain to the foreign company the fact that it was necessary to re-write the “procura speciale” or, anyway, to write a supplementary proxy giving the power to change the address (it was not so easy they were probably tihing about me as paranoiac).
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