mandatory period of service for doctors

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Hello to all

In my country, doctors have to go to a remote area after they graduate and serve for a couple of months there. This is mandatory and in my language is called mandatory plan.

Is there a specific name for that in English?
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    I've heard the term "rural posting" here in India (for civil/government servants) but there could be a different term in other countries.

    I suppose these are doctors in government service.
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    It's more complicated than that in the UK because they have to choose a speciality, one of which is general practice, and do some specialist post-graduate training for a couple of years. During that time they also observe and see patients in a GP practice. They aren't forced to go to rural areas but I don't know how they get accepted into practices.


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    In the US there are National Health Service Corp assignments which doctors can take to obtain partial student loan debt forgiveness. This is voluntary. There is no mandatory national service. This has not always been the case; there used to be a doctors' draft into the armed forces (as officers) for men only, and the legal framework for a selective draft of health care workers still exists.


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    I asked my nephew, who is a physician in the US. This is what he wrote
    Some doctors do that to repay/forgive their medical school debt. It is called Health Service Corps. I served my 4 years in the military and they paid for my school and expenses, but it is a similar arrangement.


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    In the UK, students of medicine, when they graduate, and if they wish to continue as a doctor, must undertake the Foundation Programme – a two-year, general postgraduate medical training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training. Being a Foundation Doctor is compulsory for all newly qualified medical practitioners in the UK from 2005 onwards. The grade of Foundation Doctor has replaced the traditional grades of pre-registration house officer and senior house officer.


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    The foundation programme in no way relates to this.
    In my country, doctors have to go to a remote area after they graduate and serve for a couple of months there.
    It is a stage of medical training, not some form of mandatory service in the wilds of Scotland or the darkest valleys of Wales.
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