1. supercrom Banned

    Cercado de Lima, Lima, Perú
    Homo peruvianus, practising AE n' learning BE

    How would you say this in English?

    Si manejas ebrio/borracho, puedes causar un accidente automovilístico.

    I just want to focus on manejar ebrio.

    Thanks in advance

  2. mbh120455 New Member

    Philippines English
    I don't speak spanish but I am trying to understand the phrases and see if I can translate them.

    I guess this is what the sentence mean:
    Driving while drunk (under the spirit of alcohol, drunkeness) can cause a/an vehicular/automibile accident.

    As i understand manejar ebrio would literally mean "to drive drunk" or "drunken driving".
  3. RainWoman

    RainWoman Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Esa frase es demasiado formal y por eso yo diría:

    To drive under the influence of alcohol.

    Mira lo que dice WR de DUI:

    DUI: (abr de driving under the influence (of alcohol/ drugs)) conduciendo bajo la influencia de alcohol/ drogas)

    under the influence
    : embriagado
  4. Ana mexicana Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Mexico, spanish
    Me parece que puedes decir: Drunk driving may cause car accidents!

  5. ezurus

    ezurus Senior Member

    Chico, CA
    USA English
    Yo diría:

    If you drive drunk, you can cause a automobile accident.

    A veces evitamos una traducción literal aunque esté perfectamente bien como en este caso.

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