Manifeste Alchimique Anticontemporain


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There is a manifesto on the wall inside 59 Rivoli - an artist's house that I visited today. I was trying to translate it, but I'm missing some nuances, I think, and I would be grateful if anyone could help! Here it is:
Manifeste Alchimique Anticontemporain
1 Fais-toi un jardin
2 Fais-toi une carte de temps
3 Dupe les fourbes
4 Aime ne pas être aimé
5 Detruis ce que tu crée, savant qu'il ne change
6 L'univers te rêve et ton silence n'est jamais assez
7 Tu ne rencontreras qu'une seule fois la forêt profonde des yeux que tu aimes
8 Ne te décris jamais
9 Brise des étoiles à souhait pour fabriquer une nouvelle autre lumière
10 Annihile le formule reinvente-toi
11 Toute forme est vraie si elle décide d'être seule
12 Reste loin du simulacre contemporain génère des héros au web inadaptés au profondeurs
13 Dans l'incertitude réside la beauté

Here is my attempt, for what it's worth, which isn't much!

Manifesto [not sure]
1 Make yourself a garden
2 Make yourself a time card
3 Trick the tricksters
4 Like not being liked.
5 Destroy your creations, knowing that they don't change.
6 The universe dreams you, and your silence is never enough.
7 You will see only once, the deep forest of eyes that you love.
8 Never describe yourself
9 Break the wishing star to make a new form of light
10 Destroy the formula. Reinvent yourself.
11 Any shape is genuine, if it decides to stay alone
12 I have no idea
13 In uncertainty lies beauty.

Much of what I've got doesn't even make sense! But it was the best I could do! Can anyone help?
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    I am sorry but proof-reading is not allowed here. You'll have to rephrase your question and limit its extent. (read the forum rules, please)

    By the way, at number 5, it is probably "avant qu'il ne change". (before)


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    Apologies. I have read the forum rules, but did not imagine that this would qualify as proof-reading - it didn't seem long enough. In that case I'll just ask an admin to delete the thread. It's not important anyway, I just wanted to know.


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    Ah - I have gone back and read the guidelines and I see that I was wrong. I must have been remembering the posting rules of a different forum, in fact. I'm sorry about that!
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