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    Modern Greek
    Θα ήθελα να ρωτήσω ποια είναι η πιο δόκιμη μεταφραση του manipulation όταν χρισημοποιείται κυρίως σε άρθρα κοινωνικών επιστημών σε φράσεις όπως manipulation of data , logical manipulation of observations. Είναι ''χειραγώγηση'' ο πιο δόκιμος τρόπος ή μήπως ''μεθόδευση'' ;
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    Μάλλον "διαχείριση". Πρόσεξε το συστατικό "χειρ" (Λατ. manus) και στις δύο λέξεις.
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    Παραποίηση- π.χ. παραποίηση των δεδομένων.
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    "The logical manipulation of observations" does not involve "παραποίηση", I think. A whole sentence is needed when you ask us to translate something like this.
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    You're quite right velisarius. My previous post was submitted in haste and therefore not complete. Hence I continue with take two.

    The terms παραποίηση and in most cases χειραγώγηση are commonly used to refer to manipulation in the sense where the data has been distorted, falsified or otherwise used dishonestly.

    Χειρισμός (των δεδομένων) is also commonly used to refer to manipulation (of the data) but in the sense of processing the data. The term can also be used to refer to handling as in Data handling.

    Διαχείριση (των δεδομένων) is perhaps more apt when referring to data management.

    As far as the expression "The logical manipulation of observations" is concerned (as commonly encountered in a philosophy of science context), perhaps something like "λογική επεξεργασία (των αποτελεσμάτων) των παρατηρήσεων" might do.
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