1. Kaileena Member

    Castellano y alemán
    Cómo se dice en inglés "manosear" y que tenga denotación de sexual.
  2. turi

    turi Senior Member

    En un lugar de Catalunya
    Catalán y castellano.
    Lo primero que se me ocurre es "grope", "pet".

    Espera más sugerencias.

    Saludos, t.
  3. bravefish

    bravefish Senior Member

    Español (Colombia)
    Grope or fondle
  4. mijoch Banned

    British English

    "to feel up"
  5. Kaileena Member

    Castellano y alemán
    Muchas gracias ^^.
  6. levmac

    levmac Senior Member

    OK, careful here!!!

    to feel up - sounds very adolescent, perhaps unwanted, or scandalous.

    "Then, after school, James felt me up on the bus!!!"

    grope - sounds unwanted, possibly abusive.

    fondle - sounds consentual, affectionate, a little feminine.

    You could also use "caress".

    Most important: in bed, for example, I would only use "touch", as in "Touch my ...", or "I love it when you touch my..." - all the others sound too much.

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