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Dear all
I've heard "manual of arms" but I can't make it what is meant by "manual at arms" in the following context from "Three Soldiers" by Dos Passos:
A boy was wading far out in the river catching minnows with a net. Andrews watched his quick movements as he jerked the net through the water. And that boy, too, would be a soldier; the lithe body would be thrown into a mould to be made the same as other bodies, the quick movements would be standardized into the manual at arms, the inquisitive, petulant mind would be battered into servility.
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    In looking around the Googleverse, it seems that some people think that "manual of arms" is "manual at arms." It is possible that Dos Passos is one of these people, but this is sheer speculation -- I'm not familiar with the term.
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