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Wrong translation of manure in German?

Der Dünger: fertiliser and der Dung: manure. However, there can be some overlap, for example if you mean animal waste, you can of course also use Dünger if the animal origin is obvious. I fear the presumed error might come from that overlap. Im not a native speaker of German, but from what I have found as meanings on the Internet, it clearly says that both der Dünger and fertiliser can be everything from mineral, chemical and/or animal origin. Der Dung is only from animal origin and as for manure, it also means mist used to fertilise the lands, but in British English it can also mean chemical fertiliser (found on the same page as where I found the error.) I also have checked the using rate of Dung and its rate is almost twice as small as that of der Dünger but not equivalent, which is logical, since Dünger has a much broader meaning. Looking forward to knowing the truth from a German native speaker. ;)

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  • I agree with you. In German we do have this distinction. Just changed the entry, still needs to be updated. Thanks!