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Hi, can anyone help me? The new song by Madonna - Sorry, contains lyrics that are not english.

Do anyone know witch language it is, and what it means?

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me...
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    AAAh, thank you so much. Now i know witch language, but not what it means... :)

    Can anyonehelp me with this?
    Je suis désolée [French]
    Lo siento [Spanish]
    Ik ben droevig [Dutch]
    Sono spiacente [Italian]
    Perdóname [Spanish]
    Gomen nasai [Japanese]
    Mujhe maph kardo [Hindi]
    Przepraszam [Polish]
    Slicha [Hebrew]
    Forgive me [English]


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    I was going to to say the same thing. It appears that they all say something like sorry and/or forgive me.The Hebrew is pardon/excuse me and the Spanish ones are sorry and forgive me respectively.


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    Well, they all mean the same. The first one when she says 'gomenasai' that's Japanese. What jana has given, is the best.


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    For the record: some friends of mine have recently referred this song as the one with apparent Lithuanian words. I listened to it too, compared with lyrics found on the Net and... indeed, the Polish part (lit. "sorry") is distorted so much that it sounds more like Lithuanian "Išeik, prašau" (lit. "leave [me], please").

    The problem is that "Przepraszam" is a single word and should be pronounced respectively, however, it is actually split into two, be it forced rhythmics, just wrong accenting or whatever.

    (Actually at the end of this writing I discovered almost the same answer in another thread. Still, I think that my point is easier to understand.)


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    I think this will be helpful:

    French: Je suis desolée ("I am sorry")
    Spanish: Lo siento ("I'm sorry")
    Dutch: Ik ben droevig ("I am sad")
    Italian: Sono spiacente ("I am sorry" in a formal way)
    Spanish: Perdóname ("Forgive me")
    Japanese: ごめんなさい /gomen nasai/ ("I am sorry")
    Hindu: Mujhe maaf karo ("Please forgive me")
    Polish: Przepraszam ("Sorry/Forgive me")
    Hebrew: "סליחה" /Sleechah/ ("Sorry". Literally: "Forgiveness")
    English: Forgive me