many/much + fat(s)/protein(s)/carb(s)

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This is the title of a Men's Health article:
How Much Fat, Protein, and Carbs Should You Be Eating?
I think 'fat' and 'protein' are used here as uncountable.
But I'm not sure whether 'carbs' (short for 'carbohydrates') here is used here as uncountable.
If it is used as uncountable, why does it have 's' at the end? Shouldn't it be just 'much carb'?

For what it's worth, I think I've heard native speakers say "many carbs" more frequently than "much carbs" or even "much carb".
I've even heard of 'many fats' and 'many proteins'.
  • grassy

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    There is no point inserting "and how many" before "carbs" and thus making the title unnecessary longer when it reads well as it stands. Also, "much carb" would sound wrong to me as the noun seems to be always used in plural.
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