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Discussion in 'English Only' started by chobalsim, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. chobalsim Senior Member

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    It is an intricate religious, nationalist and ideological conflict with many shades of grey.

    What does the phrase, "many shades of grey" mean?
  2. Brioche

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    Think of "black" and bad, and "white" as good.

    So depending on how much "black" you mix with "white", you will get "different shades of grey" = different mixtures of good and bad.
  3. Mikelos New Member

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    This is a phrase that is used when there is no definite standard, boundary, or answer. There is a common phrase in English: "There is no black or white answer". Black and White can represent Yes and No, Right and Wrong, Left and Right, or any two opposing sides to a conflict or answer. When something is said to be grey/gray, it means that the distinction between two or more things is hard to understand; as if the definite "black and white" have became merged and blurred to create a "grey".
  4. chobalsim Senior Member

    Korea, Korean
    Now, I can understand what it menas.
    Brioche and Mikelos, thank you for your answer.

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