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Would you please help me to get the colored part? Is the space lay ahead refers to the sky, or the land?

Small clouds sent shadows scurrying across the land. The light was smoky over the distant hills, not with the dusk but with the map of space that lay ahead. He pictured Queenie dozing at one end of England and himself in a phone box at the other, with things in between that he didn't know and could only imagine: roads, fields, rivers, woods, moors, peaks and valleys, and so many people.
It's part of "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry"by Rachel Joyce, British writer.

Many many thanks.
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    It is not space, but a map of space, and space does not mean either land or sky but the simple distance. I think it should say "the map of the space ahead" because in his imagination he is seeing everything, like items on a map, that lies between him and Queenie.
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