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    Hello, everyone. I've just heard while I was watching tv one phrase that I can't quite figure out. The phrase was "Screw this marble". I heard it in a tv show called Supernatural. The whole phrase was "Screw this marble. Let's go check out Pandora". This phrase was said by someone who was trying to convice someone else not to do something. Does it really have a meaning or not?
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    It doesn't mean anything by itself, by might have made some sense in the show. Basically "Screw this [whatever]" means "Forget this [whatever] -- let's go check out Pandora." In other words, let's drop what we're doing and focus on something else.
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    What were they doing when the person said that? Were there marble statues standing around, for instance?

    It pays to be generous with Context and Background. It helps people answer your question. ;)

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