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Hi everyone,

i'm an italian man, so sorry for my poor english.

I want to know if Marbury is a female name or male name.
In particular i want know if Marbury B. Ogle is a man or a woman.

Thank you
  • PaulQ

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    "Marbury Bladen Ogle, Jr. died July 24, 1990. Born April 19, 1910, in Burlington, Vermont." From Cambridge Journals:

    As "Jr." appears as part of his name, we can assume that the late Marbury Bladen Ogle was male.

    For what it is worth, I had never heard the name "Marbury" before and assumed that "Marbury B Ogle" was a comedy character from some light-hearted book.


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    I believe that this is an invented name. "Marbury" is a surname, not a first name, so technically it could be given to either a man or a woman. I think it has been chosen deliberately so that you can't tell.

    Edit : crossposted. I stand corrected. We don't have to assume, since the article refers to him as "he".
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