marcador/fibra, repasador/trapo rejilla, sándwich/sanguche (Argentina)

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  1. ovejanegra

    ovejanegra Senior Member

    English, USA

    Hi foreros,

    I could really use your help, especially if you're Argentinian!

    Please explain the differences, if any, between the words below. If they are synonyms, which one is the most commonly used? Example sentences and/or photos would be greatly appreciated.

    Blanket = cobija o frazada
    Town council = municipalidad o consejo deliberante
    Marker = marcador o fibra
    Cant (of a building) = ochava o chanfle
    Coveralls = mameluco o overol
    Stew = puchero o guiso
    Dish cloth = repasador o trapo rejilla
    Sandwich = sándwich o sanguche
    Nerd = olfachón, olfa o traga
    A lot = un fangote o un toco
    A lot/long time = bocha o banda
    Praying mantis = mamboretá o tatadiós
    Disagreement = diferendo o entredicho
    Old geezer = carcamán o jovato
    Favor = changada o gauchada
    Bathrobe = bata o salida de baño
    Dragonfly = alguacil o aguacil
    Lightbulb = foco o bombita (de luz)

    I would also appreciate an explanation of the differences between masas and facturas, and carritos and quioscos. Thank you very much in advance. :)
  2. Niko_Palermo Senior Member

    Argentina - Español
    El uso más habitual de las palabras que citas al menos para mí en Argentina, son:

    Blanket = frazada
    Town council = municipalidad o concejo deliberante (no sep)
    Marker = marcador
    Cant (of a building) = ochava
    Coveralls = mameluco, overol
    Stew = estofado o guiso

    puchero es un tipo de sopa, generalmente con papas, batatas, choclos, zapallo, osobuco y otras verduras
    Dish cloth = repasador o trapo rejilla
    Sandwich = sándwich o sanguche (deformacion de la palabra)
    Nerd = traga
    A lot = un fangote o un toco (jajaja "un fangote de guita")
    A lot/long time = bocha o banda ("falta una banda/bocha para...")
    Praying mantis = tatadiós
    Disagreement = entredicho
    Old geezer = jovato
    Favor = gauchada
    Bathrobe = bata
    Dragonfly = alguacil
    Lightbulb = lamparita

    money= guita, plata
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  3. fsabroso

    fsabroso Senior Member

    South Texas
    Perú / Castellano
    Hi ovejanegra:

    You could find some of your answers in the WR dictionary (on the top of this page); if there is no translation maybe you are going to find links to threads where those words or phrases are already being translated.

    Please, Do open one thread for each question and write down the actual term (or the full phrase, when applicable) on the title of each new thread you open, as this:

    1) assists and is directly linked our dictionaries' Search function, and
    2) provides at-a-glance thread differentiation.

    Also, it would be better if you give us a context on each question, that will help to translate the phrase or find an equivalence.

    Thanks in advance for your future cooperation in this regard.

    Thread closed.

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