marché forain


Bonjour à tous!
Quelqu'un saurait-il comment traduire en anglais "un marché forain"?

merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  • Quelle est la différence entre un marché et un marché forain?

    Well, in this case, I'd say "market".

    Maybe "local market" to give it a local touch.

    Le fait d'être "forain" signifie qu'il y a des étalages, je crois. Jamais vu un marché sans étalages, sauf les marchés du bétail.

    Bon, allez: market, et c'est bon.

    I found this in the Litré :
    Marchand forain, ou, substantivement, un forain, marchand qui court les villes, les campagnes, les marchés, les foires (bien que forain signifie qui est étranger, et non qui est de la foire).
    So it might be a market with a number of non-residents, non locals, what perhaps we would call "itinérant" in French a sense which is included in the very meaning of forains, somebody going from fair to fair : "foire" --> "forain". What would you say for "itinérant" ? We have also "fête foraine" with "merry-go-rounds" and the forains live in their caravans and arrive for the local annual festivity in a number of towns.
    In the U.S. we also say "farmers' market" -- with the underlying idea being that different growers from the outlying areas bring their produce to be sold there.

    For "fête foraine" I think we would say "carnival"" or maybe "traveling carnival" to give the idea of "itinerant"...

    "Itinerant" is used in this sense when referring to "itinerant farmers" or "itinerant workers" but I don't think it would work for "market"...
    There is also the world of the fairground when we speak of "fête forain"

    (maybe helpful for the next time…):)
    I think "fête" is also used in English, (pronouced "feit")
    e.g. the town "fête" is at 3am tomorrow afternoon.
    there are stalls selling homemade things (embroidery, jewellery, jam...), toys, old books and also games with prizes