Marcharse de vacaciones

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    Hello. "Marcharse de vacaciones" usually means "go on holiday". But it seems to me that the sentence below does not:

    El Madrid lo necesitaba para marcharse de vacaciones a una distancia todavía salvable respecto al Barça y al Atlético.

    Translation: The Madrid needed it to ... a distance that is yet savable with respect to Barça and Atlético.

    So what does this phrase mean here?

    Thank you.
  2. vertebrado Banned

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    The Madrid needed it to go on holidays "at ease" (?,sin preocupaciones) because the distance is yet salvable with respect Barsa and Atletico.
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    Yes, I believe it means to go on vacation here. Marcharse de vacaciones = salir de vacaciones =irse de vacaciones, etc. In this case, it could mean something like to take a break.

    Also, in English we don't say: The Madrid, we just say: Madrid, we understand it's the football team. :)

  4. davidjin96

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    Gracias, Vertebrado. Me he equivocado.
    Felices navidades. :)
  5. guwer New Member

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    I'm pretty sure that the Spanish football league has a Christmas/New Year break, so it would refer to that.

    "El Madrid" = "Real Madrid" (rather than just "Madrid" because there is also Atlético de Madrid).

    My suggestion: "Real Madrid needed it in order to go into the winter break still within reaching distance of Barcelona and Atlético Madrid".
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