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HI everyone,

What does ' a marginal call' mean in the context of officiating soccer matches?:

"Personally I'd happily have all players wear chips in the back of their shirts or attached to their bodies, just like most players already do with fitness tracking tech. That would make it equal for everyone.

However you would still get errors in the most marginal calls, so one solution would be that no immediate call would be made for the most marginal calls, based on distance. A video referee would have to quickly judge and tell the ref. That would take less than 30 seconds, probably less than 10 seconds with efficient technology.

That's a perfect system in terms of getting all offside decisions correct but ironing it all out into a fast, workable system isn't easy."

"When you examine why and when we get yelled at, it often boils down to not only making marginal calls, or missing illegal plays, but also includes the circumstances surrounding them. If you know where and when it can be dangerous, you then can raise your awareness to make solid decisions versus relying on just reacting to plays."
4 Marginal Call Landmines -

"While it is possible that the linesman could have also made a mistake, the assistant referees generally defer such big calls to the VAR technology rather than raising their flag for marginal calls. This deferment to technology happens in all walks of life, take satellite navigation in cars for example, people no longer check their route beforehand or try to memorize how to get from A to B. In soccer, referees who have VAR as an option are relying on it more and more."
Video Assistant Referee Malfunction Taints Biggest Game Of Australian Soccer Seasonb
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    I might say "uncertain calls".

    As post #2 says, "marginal" means "close to the edge". In this case, they are close to the between deciding "yes" or "no".
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