marginal criminal

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    Un favor. ¿Qué significa la expresión marginal criminal?

    En este contexto:

    John D. Rockefeller’s father was called a snake-oil salesman, flim flam man,
    bigamist, and marginal criminal – never convicted but often accused, of
    crimes ranging from horse theft to rape.

    Gracias. Saludos.
  2. Oldy Nuts

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    Dada la explicación del término que se da en la cita, yo sugeriría algo así como "un criminal no detectado/declarado/demostrado".
  3. Heredianista

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    I'm afraid it makes no sense to me.

    Oldy Nuts is right: given the explanation that follows the phrase, the phrase should mean "a criminal who was never convicted."

    But a "marginal criminal" to me suggests a "petty criminal" — someone who was just marginally involved in criminal activities.

    Rape is not a petty crime, however.
  4. Beansof57

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    A bit late, but hope it will be helpful to all those concerned.

    I understand a "marginal criminal" as being one always on the edge(margin) of out and out criminal activity used, mainly, because he was, I understand, never convicted. He and old-man Kennedy (father of JFK) rivalled each other to see who could get away with the biggest crime or act of piracy. Hence the origins of what is now known as "The American Aristocracy". No aristocracy is very different, they've just been at it for longer.
  5. UEA978 Senior Member

    "Español - Colombia"
    Muchas gracias a todos por sus comentarios y me disculpo por responder hasta ahora. Creo que sus opiniones me dan buenas ideas. Me faltó poner la traducción del concepto de marginal criminal, en español lo dejé como criminal marginal. Creo que explica bien la idea. Saludos.

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