marginal increases on both ends of the range in light trading [Market Terms]


Could you please help me understand the bold parts?

BUTTER/BUTTEROIL: Bulk butter prices saw some marginal increases on both ends of the range in light trading. Recent price declines and a weakening Euro against the U.S. dollar have made European butter more competitive on the global market. Some buyers continue to limit purchases to see if there will be further price declines. Negotiations are ongoing for Q1 2015 supplies with differences in price expectations between buyers and sellers restricting sales. Current production is geared to filling domestic package orders for the upcoming yearend holiday period. Butter exports for the EU-28 January-August period, as reported by GTIS, increased 25% over year ago levels.

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    Marginal increases means small increases.

    On both ends of the range means that both cheap butter and expensive butter prices saw small increases.

    Light trading I am not as sure about, but I think it means that the volume of butter being traded was not very large.

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    ... Agree, and I believe I can almost confirm "light trading". It's a term frequently used in stock market reports on the BBC.
    I say "almost", because I think it specifically refers to the number of deals on the market rather than the quantity of butter involved.
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