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  1. Sashadrago Member

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    Hi there,

    I was referring, in a text, to a Latin American project for social rescue of impoverished children from... well, here is my problem :) in Spanish I would say "marginalidad social", i. e. the situation where you are so extremely poor, so uneducated and so vulnerable to illegal structures of power (like the Colombian cartels) that you fall out of the social contract. I translated it as "social marginality" but my editor said that this is not correct in English, although he couldn't come up with anything better, and, just between us boys, I don't think he actually understood me :p :p

    Help! :)


  2. Masood

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    ¿Lo de Marginalidad Social es un título lo cual quieres traducir o es parte de una frase?
  3. Sashadrago Member

    Argentina - espanol
    es parte de la frase "rescatar a ninios y jovenes de la marginalidad social"
  4. Cubanboy

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  5. galesa Senior Member

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    how about "social outcasts"?? would that work?
  6. Sashadrago Member

    Argentina - espanol
    well, grammatically it should be in that case "social outcasting"
    But Cubanboy has proven that my editor is WRONG :) the term "social marginality" IS INDEED used in the sense I used it.
    Thank you

  7. Masood

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    Gracias, creo que la frase a continuación estaría bien entendida:
    To rescue children and youngsters (who are) on the fringes of society.
  8. galesa Senior Member

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    I like this version better than mine
  9. sound shift

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    The BE expression for this is "social exclusion". It often appears in official documents about town planning and similar issues.
  10. Sashadrago Member

    Argentina - espanol
    Sound shift: "social exclusion" was EXACTLY my counter-proposal when my editor said that "social marginality" was odd. The real point is that he didn't see social marginality, and I saw it every day during 30 years, so he plainly hadn't ever heard of such a phenomenon or seen it, less of all had an understanding or concern thereof.
    But since I posted this thread I checked sociological literature and, there you have it, "social marginality" is a well established term. Thank you, everybody.

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