Marié sous régime de la communauté d'acquêts


Hello everyone,

I am doing a translation for a power of attorney and I need some clarification on something:

How would one translate:
"Marié sous le régime de la communauté d'acquêts à défaut de contrat de mariage préalable à son union célébrée à la marie de PUTEAUX:

My try at it would be:
"Married under the regimeof community of acquests in the absence of a marriage contract prior to their union officiated at the town hall of PUTEAUX"

Just does not sound right to me. Any comments?
  • aylana

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    après vérification dans mon dictionnaire d'anglais juridique je dirais ceci :
    "in the absence of antenuptial settlement they are married under marriagel settlement based on communal estate comprising only property acquired after marriage. Their union was officiated .....


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    British English
    Married under the system of "community of conquets" .... I would also stick with marriage contract rather then prenuptial or antenuptial agreement, as the two latter expressions are very much rooted in common law rather than in Roman law. The term acquets is used in the State of Louisiana.
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