mariage entre parents de même sexe et alliés de même sexe

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  1. birder

    birder Senior Member

    Certains ont considéré illogiques les empêchements à mariage entre parents de même sexe et alliés de même sexe dans les mariages homosexuels au motif qu’il n’y aurait aucune contre-indication d’ordre eugénique dans ces hypothèses

    In this sentence I need to know what is meant by the contrast between parents and alliés

    Thank you.
  2. Kecha Senior Member

    French (France)
    "parents" are related by the blood (brother and sister for instance) while "alliés" are related by alliance (father-in-law and daughter-in-law for instance)
  3. birder

    birder Senior Member

    Thank you. That is a surprise. It seems to say that mariage entre parents would be incestuous, then, even if homosexual and without possibility of offspring?
  4. Kecha Senior Member

    French (France)
    It says that some people argue that forbiding incestuous same sex mariage doesn't make sense because they will produce no direct offsprings (and so no genetic problems).

    Which is wierd, as offsprings is not the only problem of an incestuous relationship but hey...
  5. nastynass Member

    The sentence sounds weird even in French
    but maybe by "parents de même sexe" they mean same-sex couples who have kids
    and by "alliés" same-sex couples who simply live together without kids
    it's just an interpretation
  6. birder

    birder Senior Member

    OK, if that's what it says. ;)

    I am just the translator :eek:, not involved! :rolleyes:

    Merci beaucoup. :)
  7. Quaeitur

    Quaeitur Mod'elle

    Lille, France
    I think Kecha is right (see post #2)

    In this case:
    By parents we mean relatives who are related by blood, not the parents of someone.
    By alliés: people who are related by marriage only (step brothers with a different set of parents for each for example)
  8. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
    ...marriage between people of the same sex, related by blood or by marriage.
  9. birder

    birder Senior Member

    Thanks, Keith, that's a smooth solution, and to others for their clarifications.

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