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Hi, everyone,

One hippie offers another a joint.
The other one takes a blow and says,

Nice. What is it, gold?

He replies,
No, man, this is where it's at. Ice bag.

Would you please paraphrase the answer for me? What is "where it's at"? Is "ice bag" a name of the sort they're smoking? I can't find it as a name on the internet, but the excerpt is from a movie, so it may be made up.

Thanks as ever
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    "Where it's at" is a hippy expression meaning something like: "this is the best", "this is the thing you should have"; "this is the place to be". It's a superlative recommendation of something.

    As for "ice bag", this seems at odds with a drug like marijuana (if it were cocaine, then that would make more sense; perhaps it is marijuana laced with cocaine). Is it possible you have misheard it? If not, then I would think, yes, it is made up.

    (On second thoughts, I believe it is possible to have a sensation of coldness with an overdose of marijuana, unless I am mistaken, so if it is very strong, perhaps this is what it refers to. An ice bag is typically placed on the head to relieve a headache.)

    What is the movie?


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    this is where it's at. Ice bag.[/I]
    Ice bag is the name given to a variety of cannabis that grew to somewhat legendary status among various subculture groups. One of the Grateful Dead's equipment techs, Steve Parish (I believe), spoke about it: "The best pot we ever had." This coming from a member of the Grateful Dead's circle of friends (they indulged rather frequently). In any case, over the years, many people labeled their cannabis "ice bag", even if it was not the true strain.
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