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Dr Yueh, his teacher, had hinted that the faufreluches class system was not rigidly guarded on Arrakis. The planet sheltered people who lived at the desert edge without caid or bashar to command them: will-o’-the-sand people called Fremen, marked down on no census of the Imperial Regate.

Dune: The Gateway Collection
Frank Herbert

Hi. What does the bold part mean? Is it transitive?
Thank you.
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    They (the Fremen) are not on any list belonging to the Imperial Regate.

    They are not marked (down) on any official list.

    The verb 'mark down' is used in the same way we say 'write down' – it is the action of putting a mark/writing onto paper (and we still say this even if we're using a computer as it is just common usage).
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