mark of the musical bars

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Hi all!
I'm translating tango lessons into Korean.
Here's the context.

That instant when the weight is shared coincide with the mark of the musical bars and furthermore in how we accent the expressive force we may give the step

can someone help me translating this sentence?

Thanks in advance!
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    I can't figure out the exact meaning of "mark of the musical bars"
    I am guessing that you have a musical note with some sort of marks on its measures.

    Here is a translated sentence.
    악보 마디들에 있는 표시들에 따라 그리고 더 나아가 우리가 스텝에 강한 표현력을 줌과 동시에 몸무게가 하나 되는 순간

    Here is a smoother version, which sounds more korean-like

    악보에 있는 표시에 맞춰 힘주어 스텝을 밟는 동시에 체중이 하나되는 순간
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