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    Hi all,

    I have a question as I am not sure due to word order what 'markant' is describing.

    "Rattle fasst Mozarts Kunst antithetisch auf - auf der thematischen, rythmitischen, klanglichen, affektiven Ebene. Das stellt er nicht nur beim Hauptthema aus dem ersten Jupiter-Satz, wo es sich aufdrängt, markant heraus."

    I have translated this as:

    "Rattle comprehends Mozart’s art antithetically – on thematic, rhythmic, tonal and emotional levels. He demonstrated this not only in the main theme of the first movement of the Jupiter Symphony, where it impinges itself on the listener."

    What I am not sure is whether the 'markant' here means 'stellt er markant heraus' or it applies to the section about the main theme i.e. 'es sich aufdrängt markant'. (Is it that Rattle demonstrated this clearly/prominently/strikingly or that the music impinged itself clearly/prominently/strikingly?)

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    Yes, the main clause is "Das stellt er markant heraus." So he demonstrates this clearly.
  3. Lelleo50 Member

    Great. Thanks for the confirmation.

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