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Hi there!

I was wondering what the difference between Marketer and Marketeer is.

Merriam Webster says for Marketer : one that deals in a market; specifically : one that promotes or sells a product or service (
And says for Marketeer : a specialist in promoting or selling a product or service (

Is there, in practice, a difference?

Is one more BE/AE than the other?

Thank you for your time.
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    The Oxford English Dictionary shows marketeer as having a different origin than marketer.

    From the entry for marketeer:
    Etymology: < MARKET n. + -EER suffix1.

    From the entry for marketer:
    Etymology: < MARKET n. + -ER suffix1.

    In addition, the words are pronounced differently.

    The suffix -eer is derived from the French suffix -ier while the suffix -er has been a part of our language for a much longer time.


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    English ends its definition with a point that might be worth remembering:

    "now frequently pejorative ( profiteer; racketeer )".


    EDIT : In Wiktionary's list of derived terms, some are old (musketeer, charioteer), some are pejorative, but many are perfectly normal words in regular use (engineer, volunteer, auctioneer, mountaineer).
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    Those aren't "different origins", just different suffixes. The core words are identical.

    Thy reason for my post was to show evidence that marketeer and marketer are not simply spelling variations, contrary to your claim.

    The entry in to which you gave a link in your earlier post and which shows marketeer as a variant of marketer comes from The American Heritage Dictionary and strikes me as quite odd for that dictionary. The entry for marketeer in, also from the American Heritage Dictionary, does not show the two words as variants, and shows the etymology of the marketeer as being the same as that shown in the OED.
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