marque distributeur

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  1. coccinelle Member

    How would you say that in English, please ?
  2. la grive solitaire

    la grive solitaire Senior Member

    United States, English
    J'ai trouvé: own brand, private brand, private label.
  3. coccinelle Member

    Merci beaucoup !
  4. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    distributor's brand name
  5. mapping Senior Member

    Lille, France
    France, French
    does anyone know the English translation for "marque distributeur" ?
    it is the kind of items sold in a supermarket under the distributor's name
    e.g. Carrefour products sold under the Carrefour name/brand.
  6. petereid

    petereid Senior Member

    selby yorkshire
    in the uk this is known as "Own Brand" ;)
  7. Aupick

    Aupick Senior Member

    Strasbourg, France
    UK, English
    And in the US I think it's "store brand".
  8. xymox Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    English, French - Canada
    And in Canada as "no name brand".
  9. Dapoint Senior Member

    Paris, France
    I suggest you "private label". If you search on internet, refer to official retailers websites like "Carrefour", "Cora", "Tesco", "Wal-mart", etc.

    I hope it's helpful tp you.


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