marriage enrichment class

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Alguien podria decirme que es "marriage enrichment class" en el siguiente texto . Tampoco entiendo que es "let out at".Muchas Garcias

In Haddam, summer floats over tree-softened streets like a sweet lotion balm from a careless, languorous god, and the world falls in tune with its own mysterious anthems. Shaded lawns lie still and damp in the early a.m. Outside, on peaceful-morning Cleveland Street, I hear the footfalls of a lone jogger, tramping past and down the hill toward Taft Lane and across to the Choir College, there to run in the damp grass. In the Negro trace, men sit on stoops, pants legs rolled above their sock tops, sipping coffee in the growing, easeful heat. The marriage enrichment class (4 to 6) has let out at the high school, its members sleepy-eyed and dazed, bound for bed again. While on the green gridiron pallet our varsity band begins its two-a-day drills, revving up for the 4th: "Boom-Haddam, boom-Haddam, boom-boom-ba-boom. Haddam-Haddam, up'n-at-'em! Boom-boom-ba-boom!
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    Marriage enrichment class (Clase de mejorar o enriquecer matrimonio) me parece que es una clase para parejas que tienen problemas (específicamente en la cama)
    Let out significa terminar, tipo la clase terminó, dejándolos salir
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