Marshmellow [marshmallow]

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  1. LaProfesoraLoca Member

    English - USA
    ¿Cómo se dice "Marshmallow" en Español?
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  2. Julig Senior Member

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    Argentina, Spanish
    Que rico!!
  3. bondia

    bondia Senior Member

    Illes Balears
    I think the name is marshmAllow;)
  4. Chris K Senior Member

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    English / US
    Marsh mallow (planta) = malvavisco, bismalva o hierba cañamera (Althaea officinalis)

    Marshmallow (una sola palabra, comida) =malvavisco, malvavisco, masmelo, nube, esponjita...
  5. fenixpollo

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    American English
    If you look up marshmallow in our dictionary, you can find definitions and previous forum conversations about that word.

    It's interesting that your original question used the spelling "marshmellow", which is phonetically how most Americans (in my experience) pronounce this word. In fact, it sometimes sounds forced or unnatural when people say marshmAllow (with a short "a" like in "hat") instead of marshmEllow.
  6. LaProfesoraLoca Member

    English - USA
    Thank you! Yes, I spelt it wrong because that is how I say it. :confused: I guess that is why when I looked it up in the dictionary I didn't find it. But you are correct that when it is pronounce the other way it does sound forced. Interesting. :eek: Anyway, thanks for the help. Now I know! Malvavisco!!

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