Martini Moments

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Good morning!

Could you please explain what is usually meant by Martini Moments? I've come it across in Google in different contexts.
In my case the author gives it as an expression from a "Party Girl lingo". But to understand its humour (and to translate it properly) I need to know what it is not only for party girls, but for other people as well.
Here's what I have in the book:

"Martini Moments -any time during the night that is so embarrassing, himiliating, or bizarre that you wish you had another martini to make it go away."

Thank you in advance for your help :)
  • Lexiphile

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    Hi Masha,
    I'm not certain that it means anything to other people.
    I've come across senior moments, which are similar things that happen to people in the autumn of life (like me) -- memory lapses, for example. Translate that idea back to party girls and you get martini moments.
    I suspect, with a bit of imagination, you could think of appropriate types of moments for any group.


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    Hello again Masha. Martini (the branded drink, with a capital M) used to be advertised with a slogan something like Enjoy a Martini moment ~ any time, any place, anywhere. It was shown as a 'perfect' moment: glamorous people on a Caribbean beach at sunset, etc. Your 'Party Girl Lingo' Martini moment is just the opposite: it's a terrible moment.
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