Mary seemed pleased with both your and Diane´s nomination

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<<Mary seemed pleased with both your and Diane´s nomination>>

Is the subject sentence good and correct?

Is the following sentence an alternative sentence to the subject sentence?: "Mary seemed pleased with both yours and Diane´s nomination."
  • Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    You present these sentences without context, as if they were exercises from a grammar book.
    In real life we avoid grammar complexities. In all probability, we would say "Mary seemed pleased with both the nominations". If there were reasons to specify or emphasise exactly whose nominations we were talking about, we could add "..., (both) (the) nominations, yours and hers/ Diane's".
    Or, ", ... with your nomination as well as Diane's".

    There are probably other ways of saying this which are less jarring than those proposed. Writing can be more difficult than speaking, because in writing we have the problem of 'yours' vs 'your's'.

    This is assuming a context in which everybody knows what and who is being talked about.
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