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I'm not overfamiliar with the English they speak in London. Would someone native tell me how to pronounce Marylebone as in Marylebone Cricket Club. I've heard "Marleebon" but am not sure that this is the received pronunciation.
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    The received pronunciation is something like ['mærɪləbən], with initial stress on the vowel of 'marry', followed by three weak vowels. A very common alternative, probably more common than the first, is a three-syllable pronunciation ['mɑ:lɪbəʊn], as if Marly-bone.

    I stand corrected by the comments below and the BBC Pronouncing Dictionary. The popular pronunciation with Marly- has a weak final vowel [bən]. I don't know how often I've heard the full vowel of -bone.
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    It is indeed pronounced in different ways.

    Having lived in central London for 30 years I've adopted, by absorption, the pronunciation /ˈmɑrlɪbən/. There seems also to be a variation where the "L" is dropped: /ˈmærɪbən/ or /ˈmɑrɪbən/. Yet others pronounce the "bən" as "bone".

    One source suggests this:
    "according to the local Marylebone Association the correct pronunciation is Mar'l-e-b'n."
    That's more or less my pronunciation, but I can't find authoritative confirmation of the statement.


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    This is in no sense authoritative confirmation - but that (ie /ˈmɑrlɪbən/) is how I say it too. I didn't live in Central London for 30 years, but I worked there for nearly that long .. and commuted for a while into Marylebone Station:)


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    etb would feel right at home in Belfast, where Marylebone Park is pronounced exactly as he described it.
    Oh, I forgot that he doesn't pronounce the /r/.
    He'll pronounce it just exactly like the Estate Agent :)
    ... Which is a point for tamanoir to keep in mind. I assume that the various pronunciation suggestions above that include /r/ do not intend it to be fully pronounced in the way that rhotic speakers pronounce it.

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    Yes, easy for us to forget the rhoticality business. The R will not be pronounced by most native speakers in London, so that would make it Maah-li-b'n, etc.


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    I wonder how fast place names change. The BBC Pronouncing Dictionary gives the local pronunciation first, and orders pronunciations by frequency. But for Marylebone it has (or had in 1983, second edition, reissued in paperback 1990) the following in order:


    I grew up with the first or second; I think I've never heard the third with omitted [l], and what I hear around me is almost always the last.
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