Mascot of FIFA 2018 world cup.


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Hello everyone,

Zabivaka the wolf followed in the footsteps of Naranjito the orange, Footix the football-playing
rooster and Fuleco the armadillo
by being named as the official mascot of the 2018 World Cup.

This statement is confusing me. What I'm getting is Zabivaka the wolf is mascot for FIFA 2018 world cup; But bold words are confusing me?

Somebody please help me.
source : The Hindu newspaper.
Thank you.

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    Hindi - India
    Naranjito, Footix, and Fuelco were mascots of past World Cups. (1982, 1998. and 2014 respectively.)
    Okay pob,

    Could you please explain the meaning of ==> followed in the footsteps of.

    Is it mean the present mascot (Zabivaka the wolf) is following same kind of pattern/name as previous mascots.
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