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I am writing an essay on restoration of a cultural heritage. There is a sentence:

'In 2005, the local government made the bold decision to conduct the mass restoration/carry out a large-scale restoration of the Chang familly's mansion.'

I am struggling between the two phrases, which one sounds better to you? Why and why not? What is the difference between 'mass' and 'large scale'?

Thank you in advance.
  • Parla

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    I wouldn't use either. A mansion is one building; "mass" or "large-scale" sounds to me like the project involves many buildings, an entire neighborhood. If the building was to be restored to its former grand appearance, to the last detail. the adjective I'd suggest is complete.

    london calling

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    I disagree, Parla. Large-scale to my mind is fine even if you are talking about only one building. After all, the owners could decide not to restore all of it, but only the parts which need restoring (which would be a small-scale restoration). I own and live in an 11th century building. I had small-scale restoration done: the facade was repainted, the terracotta roof tiles were replaced/repaired, the main gate (which is wooden) that leads into the courtyard was reinforced and repainted. I did not for example have the Norman towers restored.
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