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    Hey!! I'm translating a chapter of the TV series Alias. The main character asks a man in front of a computer how can they develop the Hydrosek, a toxin able to contaminate water. This is the dialogue:

    Sydney: What would it take to manufacture this stuff? Level four biohazard containment?
    Marshall: Yeah, and a massive cooling system, which should narrow down the possible locations. Give me a couple hours.

    What I don't understand is if the cooling system refers to a system to refrigerate the area to develop this thing so as to control it, or something like that, or if the system is to locate the appropriate places to develop this thing, in which case I don't undestand the "cooling". Can it be a synonym to find?

    What Marshall does afterwards is type on his PC.

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    It means a massive system to control the temperature of the reaction or to prevent the product from being exposed to excessive heat. The product is fictitious, so we don't know what is necessary to produce or store it. I suggest something like "un enorme sistema de refrigeración/enfriamiento".
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    Ok, thanks to clear up my doubt =)

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